Adjustable Resting and Remote Work Pillow

Belpad® is a pillow and cushion that you can use while working remotely (from home), sitting on the ground in a park or garden. You can adjust it according to your own posture in order to support your lower back (lumbar curve), upper back (Thoracic curve) and neck (Cervical curve).

It is a patent pending product that has been developed with support of physiotherapists.



Mankind continued its daily activities by sitting on the ground for thousands of years. Chairs and armchairs, which negatively affect the blood circulation in the abdomen and legs, and cause our lower back (lumbar curve), upper back (Thoracic curve) and neck (Cervical curve) problems have become indispensable in modern times.

In order not to give up chairs and armchairs, mankind developed ergonomic products, methods, apparatus and exercises.

Beyond resting in wrong conditions, the difficulties of adapting remote working have become more threatening to our spine health.


AYLIN UCAR (Physiotherapist)

Most of the patients who come to physiotherapists with complaints of waist, neck, back and shoulder pain and posture disorder are office workers in today's business life.

Office workers, who have to make repetitive movements in front of the screen, may feel pain at first slightly and then increasingly as a result of improper sitting position, constantly repetitive sitting, standing up and movements that force the body structure. This process can cause permanent health problems and / or loss of workforce.

We, the physiotherapists, also prepare the exercises for them to do at home in order to prevent the permanence of the treatment and the recurrence of the injury after treating our patients. While doing this, We add ergonomics, which is the most important part of treatment, to their lives. We make analyzes and determine the sitting style that will prevent recurrence of the injury.

Belpad® plays an important role at this point with its waist, back and neck support.

The neck, back and lumbar support needed while working remotely (from home), watching television, taking online lessons remotely and in later stages of pregnancy can be provided with Belpad®.

Belpad®, by its design, appears to be an extremely useful product to reduce the pain and injury risks of people due to posture disorder while sitting.

Aylin Ucar


In the remote (from home) working environment, you do not miss the accessories of your mobile phone and computer.

You buy a stand for our mobile phones and computers and make them comfortable!

What about your lower back, upper back and neck?

How correct is your sitting position in a remote working environment or while relaxing? What precautions have you taken for lower back, upper back and neck health?

Do you have Belpad?